General Data Protection Regulations require Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities to make clear to its clients how it will use the data it collects as part of its booking process and activity preparation. You can object or withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data at any time. Though in some cases you may not be able to continue to use the services of Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities or we may be unable to deliver on some aspects of our service as advertised. We will tell you if this is likely to be the case.

What data will Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities hold on you?

Any details provided on a booking form – Name, organisation, address, phone and email. Also; medical conditions, next of kin contact details and group details / aims.

The text or attachments that form part of an email exchange or written exchange between you and a Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities staff member.

Any document produced by you for Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities (e.g. Individual Booking/consent Forms). 

What is this data used for?

For organising the activity booking for which you have contacted us for.

Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities will not use or pass on your data to any 3rd party not directly involved with your booking. We will never sell or gift your data to other organisations or individuals. You will never receive cold calls or unsolicited communications from us.

How will this be stored?

All paper correspondence and records will be stored in Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities branded folders or files and this data will be stored in a private and secure site like a home office, locked place of business or other place where a minimum level of domestic home security exists.

All electronic data, like your contact details or digital booking forms, will be stored on the personal computer of the relevant staff member. They are required to have this data stored in a way that any shared users cannot gain access to it without authorisation. E.g. password protected folder or login.

Some digital data will be stored in private area of an online facility like Drop Box to enable access to multiple Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities authorised staff to access it for official business.

How will this data be transferred?

Data being transported to or from activity locations or administrative sites will be done so in a way that keeps it secure. All physical data or digital storage devices will not be left unattended or passed to individuals without the authority to access this data.

Who has access to my data?

Colum Walsh as operator of Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities.

Any member of staff directly involved with the delivery or administration of your booking with us.The Police, UK Border Agency or any department of HM Government that officially requests it and can produce a legal warrant for such information.